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Monitor Hoods


Get FREE drawings & plans, along with instructions, to build your own Monitor Hoods!

  • Great for outdoor Viewing Stations
  • Works for both CRT and LCD Monitors
  • Includes plans for standard 14-15" and 17" (4:3 aspect ratio) monitors
            PLUS 17" - 19" widescreen monitors
  • Reduces overhead reflection and glare
  • Blocks glare from overhead lighting or sun
  • Non-reflective black foam board reduces screen glare
  • Full length on all 4 sides provide privacy
  • Quick and easy installation without tools
  • Folds up for quick and easy storage
  • Build from sturdy solid core black foam board
  • Both lightweight and durable

  • Click here
      to download the free electronic  
    Instructions & Plans to
    Build Your Own Monitor Hoods
    using common materials
    (black foam board, Velcro & Gorilla tape).

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